About Us

Revit Cad Services is a specialist that is offering solutions and services related to BIM and MEP. We offer our services to wide range of clients from different parts of the globe. Our services are helpful to our clients in wide range of engineering and non-engineering applications. Our services help our clients to improve the efficiency and competitiveness. Domain knowledge, leveraging technology and our work scheduling methodology ensures that our clients get models and service that is of international grade.

We and our specialized engineering team have proved to seamlessly blend with the engineering requirements of the client engineering, production and designing team and work environment.

We try and maintain a long-term relationship with our customers providing them with clear perspective, accuracy, timelessness, and satisfaction.  Our high levels of integrity are what makes us stand alone from the rest of the services providers around the globe. We offer all possible resources to our customers to help them meet all their business requirements.

Our pool of talents that are currently working on different projects holds their best experience in the wide variety of fields including project management, tool methodologies, and online platforms.

Infrastructure and facilities

Revit Cad Services’ state of art infrastructure and facilities cater to help meet long-term requirements of our clients and their projects. We offer numerous facilities to our clients including short-term data scanning, collaborative systems, data security, reliability, IP protection and best support system.