BIM Cost Estimating

For any building project to complete effectively, cost estimation is one of the most important aspects. For the service providers, it is important to provide with best and most accurate estimation. In some cases, this factor is also important for bidders to place a most accurate bid for the entire project. This is where our role for BIM cost estimating services comes into existence.  We at BIM offer with a most accurate approach to the project documentation along with providing all sets of information that is required for completion of any building construction project.

We offer with a very professional cost estimation service for numerous domains and areas including residential, commercial, corporate, industrial, institutional, educational, healthcare etc. Along with overall accuracy, we also offer our customers with cost-effective solutions and time-saving techniques.

Our services

In general, our services include covering services in the distinct and wide area including structural, MEP and architectural integration. Apart from this our services prove helpful for creating libraries for clients offering risk mitigation and clash detection along with providing all project information that is accurate.

Why our services?

Well, we o offer numerous benefits to our clients. We offer with most accurate take quantity takeoff within a desired period of time. We offer with complete integration of 2D and 3D modeling in our services. To effectively provide our clients with the accurate cost we and our team analyze the complete 3 D model of the project. At any stage of modification, we ensure that we maintain a complete record of our clients. When making our presentations we ensure that we provide with a complete version of cost estimation and project designs.