BIM Drafting

We offer our clients with a dedicated proven and reliable services regardless of scale or complexity. We offer with improved efficiencies and promote the platform viewing through 3D rich BIM data available.  We with our energetic team offer with experience in delivering projects wealth in material handling, mining stadia and other commercial projects through talented team of professionals. Combined and integrated with our project management system and proven processes, we deliver with best quality product that offers with customized solutions for our clients needs and requirements.

For clients success coordination and project success client information is essential. We are presently focused in being in line with the technological advancements in building information, cloud computing and modeling.

Making use of BIM drafting technology we try  and create a virtual model of entire project site or individual elements and make use of the created models and source of information and communication for everyone who is involved in our building project. With expertise, knowledge sharing and visualization we ensure to make better collaborative decisions. This is what is termed as BIM approach.

With this in mind we specify and define the requirements of handovers to achieve this level of collaboration. We at the same time ensure to provide our clients with relevant set of information within various stages of developmental process and provide with specific solutions that is important for project and plan execution.

We can offer with complete solutions for fabrication status reporting to functional requirements and project requirements to complete asset management and construction.

We offer with different types of services under BIM Drafting, which include:-

  • Analysis and design works.
  • Cost Calculation.
  • Drafting techniques for Auto CAD to Revit model.
  • Revit to 3D model.