BIM Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

Revit Cad Service has a team of well-trained professionals who are used to making use of latest technology within the building and construction technology. We are efficient in using some of the most advanced tools to handle small to large scale projects.

Being many years of service in the engineering sector, Revit Cad Service is familiar with the importance of data within the BIM and have gained expertise in using some of the best practices including ‘customized, lateral and lean’ approach along with the principle of Zero clash modeling.

Our Philosophy

  • 30 percent faster management for design alteration – Changes in designs are often achieved by our professionals quicker. This saves cost, time and hours for our clients.
  • Ingenious workarounds – within BIM limitations. With evolving BIM software and technology we pride ourselves on fulfilling any task- simple or complex- to help meet the requirements of the client.
  • We offer full outcomes – we with our best project management are efficient in understanding the BIM system and working as per requirements so we offer with accurate outcomes, we also try and customize the outcomes as per customer requirements.

Our BIM services

Our professional BIM services include:-

  • BIM Drafting.
  • BIM services.
  • Family Creation.
  • BIM 4D scheduling.
  • Clash Detection.
  • BIM 4D simulation.
  • BIM Coordination services.
  • Quantity takeoffs.
  • BIM cost estimation.
  • Point cloud to BIM.

Our BIM offerings provide our customers with capability for design decision taking, construction documents (High quality) for production, performance estimations, cost estimation, simulation, construction planning and efficient management.

Our 3D models are certainly the base for any building project and so our team makes use of some of the vast resources to create an information-rich database within the BIM ecosystem. Our team always ensures that we make use of the right set of information during the production cycle that adheres to the international standards.

We are also efficient in working with different types of projects ranging from LOD100 to LOD 500.