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→  BIM and its benefits to the construction industry

In the present time, BIM services are considered as leading services within the construction sector. Within past few years the services have also managed to gain a lot of exposure and popularity.

BIM in itself is a process that proves helpful in the management of functional and physical information related to the project. The output of the service is termed as BIM (Building Information Models) and is available in the form of files in the digital format. It proves helpful in supportive decision taking and project description.

About BIM

So in simple language, BIM is a type of representation in the digital format for functional and physical characteristics of any project or facility. It is also described as a knowledge resource that is shared amongst clients and service providers alike during the project cycle. It proves helpful in covering various aspects of a project cycle including – building components properties, material quantities, information on geographic, light analysis and spatial relationships.

BIM tools and Objects

BIM makes use of various object combinations – generic, void space, solid shapes, product specific, undefined and vague. Using the BIM design tools, designers are able to extract all set of information for producing a drawing from the model. The tools also integrate different views of the object and define the parameters, such that a small change in one will automatically change all other adjusts.

These changes can be used by clients or firms to work out various other elements including material to be used, cost and material tracking.

Various Dimensions under BIM models

Dimensions are used to describe each element under the BIM –

  • 3 D for Object Model.
  • 4D for Time estimation.
  • 5D for Cost Estimation.
  • 6 D for Operational.
  • 7D for studying sustainability factor.

Integration of various BIM Dimensions (5Ds) in a 3D output

BIM – Functional characteristics and Physical characteristics Digital format representation. It is helpful in forming an accurate basis for making important decisions during the ongoing project cycle. The working of all dimensions can be explained as below:-

  • Each of the element (3D) model are linked together during execution phase or schedule.
  • Elements are also made use of for developing overhead cost and set a fixed budget for project completion.
  • Information is embedded within the model – Geometry, Geographical information, exact specs, thermal properties, Aesthetics and Acoustic properties.

Benefits of BIM models

Facility management can be enabled using the 6D models in BIM. It is helpful in adding features that are rich in describing the building (engineering services and elements) along with other elaborative factors (Geometry, property, and relationships) to prepare an accurate management database.

Sustainability component is added to the above-mentioned components in the 7D model. This set of information proves helpful for designers when preparing the project for comparison and test decisions.

Within 8D models, you can embed the safety aspects of the project management. This process helps in automating the project cycle. This also helps in improving the construction for overcoming the qualification stage.


→ Architectural Services – A complete solution for your total BIM architectural requirements.

Architectural services are most useful part of the BIM architectural requirements. BIM architectural services are used within the construction industry and have been around for a number of years in past until present time.

Within the construction industry, BIM offers numerous services. It is using the moment designers have to work alongside with architectures and contractors. It is also helping the moment you have to work along with engineers, builders, and contractors. The services are also useful in lowering the cost of production and time of completion of the project.

This is one of the factors that add a lot of value to the project making use of the 2D drafting services. The architectural BIM services offer with capabilities and skills to help project completion on time and most accurately. In the present time, the architectural services are making use of the advanced level applications and software for providing with quality architectural services:-

  • Revit modeling.
  • 3D and 4D BIM modeling.
  • Construction Documentation.

Apart from this Architectural services also offer with works under the various categories including industrial sectors, commercial sectors, and residential sectors. Architectural sectors can be used on a much wider scale and for much bigger projects.

Benefits of using BIM for Architectural services

Within the architectural structure designers and engineers can make use of advanced technologies for producing CAD designs, models, drawings, making use of the tools and techniques that are most advanced including Revit Structure and Architecture, AutoCAD and ArchiCAD etc.

Various advantages of BIM architectural services may include as below:-

Pre-construction stage

  • Using the BIM Architectural services you can verify the project design for final estimation cost even before reaching the completion stage.
  • It will prove helpful in creating designs that are feasible both within time and cost frame.
  • It also offers engineering and architectural documentation.

Designing stage

  • It offers with the convenience of visualization 3D project at the time of designing stage.
  • It helps in creating 2D drawings that are very much accurate as compared to extractions.
  • It also proves helpful in studying the project using the 3D model for its authentication.
  • Analysis and performance evaluations for sustainable designs.
  • Correction and analyzing of building designs in details.
  • Structure site details for calculation of building materials. It also offers with best accuracy for cost calculation and budget estimation.

Fabrication stage

  • Real-time parameters and accuracy with visualization.
  • Coordination for onsite completion of the work project during the construction phase.
  • Clash and conflict detection offering with resolutions of a complete building.
  • Digital database reflection for minor changes in entire model.
  • Creation of construction documents regarding material, quantities, and structure.
  • Maintenance and facility management.


→ Features of BIM Structural Services

Structural BIM services offer with integration between designers and fabricators. Within the building cycle, the structural BIM services have its own importance. It proves helpful in project management for preparation of designs through the demolition to lifespan stage. Within the construction process, accurate structural elements and designing play a major role along with interacting with trades.

Structural BIM services offer with the convenience of all design analysis and offer with complete engineering management within any building project. The services make use of detailing and drafting services in combination with 3D modeling services.

The designers ensure that the designs integrate analysis capabilities and advanced designing in preparing models offering with state of art 3D analysis that proves helpful in calculating cost estimations along with safe designs. The designers who make use of structural BIM designs are able to produce accurately structural models and most precise information. This offers engineers with efficiency to produce and collect clear aspects including geographical information, building geometry, building materials, building properties and resource requirements for an ongoing project.

Services offered under Structural BIM services

Following are some of the services that are offered under structural BIM services:-

  • Analysis of structure.
  • Structural designing.
  • Construction of 3D modeling.
  • Structural steel designing.
  • Creation of 5D, 4D and 3D BIM Services.
  • Structural components extraction.
  • Construction documents of high quality.
  • Risk mitigation and clash detection services.
  • Intelligent parametric libraries creation.
  • Cost estimation and quality take off with precision.

A professional team of drafters and designers for structural BIM services are aware of the professional international practices and codes. The designers are aware of offering clients with everything they need without making use of many financial resources making use of the state of art software, originality, and novelty. Using the quality structural BIM models it is possible for clients to gather more set of information that is accurate and clear related to the ongoing construction process.

The set of information can be collected by the clients even before the project completion phase. This proves helpful to improve coordination such that they can inform the decision well ahead of time at the time of project completion. This is one factor that helps in eliminating chances of error. The process also proves helpful in meeting all deadlines for the clients.

Benefits of using Structural BIM services

The services prove helpful for engineers to collect relevant information from wide variety of disciplines including subcontractors, contractors, and architects.

Some main benefits of Structural BIM services are:-

  • Improved client communications.
  • Faster approvals for clients.
  • Team communication.
  • Easy modifications of designs.
  • Error elimination.
  • Better evaluation and performance analysis.
  • Construction efficiency.

The services prove helpful for clients to take a better decision and make use of perfect workable strategy. The services offered are of high quality making use of advanced applications, tools, and software. It helps in increasing accuracy and efficiency within the engineering projects.


→ The benefits offered by Mechanical Services using BIM features

BIM is just not a concept that has recently emerged but over a period of time, it has managed to gain a lot of popularity. Its services have been used in a number of fields including construction (AEC), architecture, and engineering.  One of the main reasons for its recent success is the emergence of technological advancement that has been done in past few years. The BIM services have also influenced the mechanical industry as well.

The process of Mechanical BIM services

  • The mechanical structure BIM services are used by designers making use of modeling tools (advanced) for creating models that are very accurate as compared to reality.
  • The models are crafted out of data that is rich and precise that is much advanced. The data is used by the engineers for optimization within air flow system, energy efficiency, and thermal comfort.
  • The mechanical services make use of the easily accessible for 360 degrees simulation and can be used for comparing and visualizing at the time of preparing product models.
  • Within the mechanical structure, engineers are making use of the optimized designs for creating quality building designs.
  • The moment you are making use of Mechanical BIM services, you get a number of benefits as they make use of fabrication software tools.
  • Contractors can make use of the software tools and generate accurate models that are already ideal for installation and fabrication. Apart from this, it is also helpful in other components including HVAC components.
  • Mechanical BIM services make use of various components procurement, manufacturing, installation, fabrication etc.
  • It is obvious that using Mechanical BIM services, you can help in improving the building project for coordination and other work areas.

Mechanical BIM services offer with techniques that help in creating models that are most accurate, data precise, and accurate in the speed of work completion.

It also ensures that making use of Mechanical BIM services, the process of installation and completion of work is also faster.

With the launch of more advanced iPads and other handheld devices, it is also possible for contractors to help view the ongoing project at ay time. This offers the convenience of better and faster interaction between designers, engineers, and contractors.

So the moment contractors or supervisors are having any queries they can immediately rectify and clarify it after viewing the model or design visuals.


Why most business organizations need MEP BIM Services

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) BIM services are used by all building construction projects. It makes use of building fabric, external envelope, and structural framing. The MEP services make use of air conditioning (HVAC), ventilation and heating processes.

MEP Team

The Moment you are hiring a professional MEP team you may get to hire the services of a professional MEP trader, Contractor, consultant as well along with maintenance professional, installation professional, sub-contractors, and fabricators.

MEP contractor is one person who also looks after the fabrication work for an ongoing project. In present time they make use of modern tools and software to prepare 3D drawings for detailing, coordination, installation and fabrication.

The moment you are making use of MEP BIM service designs and drawings you may not have to face any clashes and so the need to alter the designs is also eliminated to a much greater extent. So the process proves helpful in installation efficiency, installation allowance, project timely completion and fabrication ease.

Contractors can make use of this process at the time of duct resizing, electrical ladder splitting, equipment change, pipework resizing and rerouting work.

It also proves helpful in team integration at the time of project phase. The team can make use of the coordination work at the time of presentation using the 3D environment.

Benefits of MEP services

Some of the additional benefits may include:-

  • Avoid the chances of clashes.
  • Team members are efficiently able to address spatial issues during the final project completion phase.
  • Prevents disputes and delays at the project site such that you can get familiar with the working of each type of services well ahead of time.
  • Offers with quick communication using demo from 3D models walk through.

Helps in saving money and time

MEP BIM services are very much effective in offering with integration amongst the team members to overcome conflicts within the project designs. The conflicts can easily be tracked at an early stage such that it proves helpful in saving your time and money.

Eliminates material waste and project rework

One of the most important benefits is that it proves helpful in error correction and material wastage. Making use of the advanced MEP services within BIM models drawing errors and clashes can be eliminated. It also proves helpful in improving the efficiency of the project. This also offers greater customer satisfaction.

Competitive Bids

It makes use of accurate and advanced detailed models and drawings so the team can place many accurate BIDS. This also ensures that the engineers and designers can provide with more accurate project cost.

Streamline process

Making use of 3D modeling and virtual designs the project completion delays can also be eliminated. It helps in streamline any project during the ongoing phase. The engineers and clients can review the designs and models at any stage of the project. This saves a lot of time and money.

The moment you are making use of the MEP services, it is obvious that you get better quality and affordable cost factor.


→ Advantages of using BIM Services for construction industries

BIM services offer clients with numerous benefits and advantages. Some of the best values of BIM services is that it reduces chances of rework and rekeying all set of information. In most cases, you may not have to make any changes to the final drawings or projects. With user proficiency, the productivity of the project also increases.

Reduces chances of rework – This certainly is one of the most desired advantages of using BIM services. Most experts agree that it offers a high rate of project value as compared to traditional methods.

Increases productivity – BIM services are ranked highest by experts and architects. It offers with full returns on investments.

Conflict elimination – In most cases it eliminates the chances of making last moment changes and adds a lot of value to the final project.

Clash detection – As per most owners, BIM services prove helpful in eliminating chances of over-investment in money and time.

Business advantages – For BIM users there certainly are a number of opportunities as the process is advanced and emerging.  It captures the attention of worldwide users. In present time it is easy to promote BIM-based services in the current market. Apart from this rework and errors are also eliminated. BIM services can be used for users amongst all levels of the work.

BIM Marketing – within Building construction environment it certainly does open up new doors for users. There is a number of clients that open up new opportunities for more number of the client. Most company owners are able to make use of advanced technology and opportunities. Each of the team member along with clients can make use of all these benefits. Less experienced users are also able to make use of best technology within their projects.

The outcome of the project – BIM services offers a high rate of impact on businesses and business owners during the project cycle. Less experienced owners may find this as an added advantage. This offers the benefit of a reduced error, high satisfaction rate, and better coordination.

Fewer errors – BIM services are very much precise and error-free. This makes them more accurate to be used in any business. This certainly is very much beneficial for most contractors and engineers.

New services – BIM services can offer a lot of new elements to your already existing businesses. BIM toolbox offers numerous advantages and value to the business and project. The moment you implement BIM within your work area you will get to see numerous benefits.

Less reworks – Being accurate you may have to work less for correcting errors within the ongoing project. There are a number of contractors who see that these changes can add new elements without altering other parts of the project.


→ Why Architectural services are beneficial for architects

By now you are certainly aware of BIM services. These services also offer numerous benefits to the Architects via Architectural services. Some such benefits are listed here below:-

1          Speed

The services offer with speed of conversion of designs from sketches to final drafted designs. Using the advanced computer technology it is obvious that you can complete drawings and designs more accurately. This helps the project to be completed on time. When using BIM Architectural services it is obvious that you are making use of 3D element to create your drawings. The tools are efficient in automatically adding elements to your drawings.

2          Design Retention

The software is so efficient that it can be used to monitor designs during any stage of the ongoing project. This will help in eliminating the dilution at the time of delivery stage. This certainly is one of the methods that is used by engineers to make sure that all concepts are followed until project completion stage. This also proves helpful in eliminating the possibility of design review during a 3D model phase.

3          Communication

Clients and engineers can make use of multiple ways to help coordinate with designs. So even if the client is not efficient in interaction with the architectural design still they can interact easily. The software is efficient in speeding up the process of interaction with the design.

4          Design coordination

BIOM Architectural services are one of the best ways to help collaborate with the clients and the entire team. The moment engineers and designers are making the best use of it then they can get familiar with the coordinating property of the design. This will prove helpful in reducing errors and mistakes during final project completion stage.

5          reduced errors

Within engineering sector human error is inevitable. The process for QC and QT are just not easy to test during project ongoing stage. You may have to assign a professional team to ensure that the project passes QC and QT at any stage. The BIM Architectural services make use of quality software for ensuring that the project has been tested for QC and QT at different stages. So even if you have to handle a very big project still the process of QC and QT can be completed within no time.

The software is very much efficient in offering with most accurate test results when tested for the Pilot project. This will help in saving time and money on reworks.

The software is efficient in displaying the model on screen during testing stage along with improved GRC options.


→ Why Structural BIM Services are beneficial in BIM

Within the structural BIM services, the designers and engineers make use of BIM technology within the building projects. The complex and detailed revelation of a structural component can be considered as a building structural model. This is also the components upon which the engineers build the entire building.

This can also be termed as intrinsic building view and is designed to display the true appearance of the entire building project along with in-depth components including beams, columns and bolts etc. the entire view is much different as what it would appear to the normal human eyes.

This 3D model of the building project is very much useful as it is also used by the engineers to study the suitability and strength of the building. It helps in determining if the structure is perfectly designed as per the specifications and purpose of construction. This is one view that is more important for engineers as compared to architects.

This design is also made use of by the engineers to determine the integrity of the structure for performance and safety. It will also reflect if the structure designed is effective to withstand various conditions – climatic, load factor, natural disasters, unpredicted conditions, adverse effects of material. Engineers make use of some of the most basic components to design some of the most complex structural designs.

One of the main benefits of Structural services is that it helps in facilitating designs and analysis. You can certainly find a number of structural applications within BIM components. You can make the selection from some of the best suites available.

Using the BIM components the engineers can transform the rough ideas into final approved structured projects and 3D models. You can make use of these designs to collect relevant information even before project staring phase.

Some of the detailed information offered by structural services are;-

  • Clash detection services.
  • Construction documents – detailed and high quality.
  • 4D BIM technology and time schedule.
  • Material quantities and specifications.
  • Load schedules, budget frames, and 5D BIM tech.

You can categorize Structural services into two variants – RCC and Steel structure services.

RCC structure services make use of numerous components like material components, reports, documentations, columns and beams details.

Steel structural services offer drafting, designing and fabrication services. It makes use of detailing and rebar drawings.


→ Benefits of BIM mechanical services presently

BIM tools are gaining immense popularity in present time and it is obvious that they are used in most engineering applications including plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc. The professional service providers offer with quality tools that help in creating most effective building model that is consistent and coordinated.

Using the mechanical service BIM software it is certain that the engineers can improve coordination, designs, integrity, data collection and documentation. BIM mechanical services are efficient in collecting information from various sources and models so the Live view of the business models can be prepared.

It is obvious that the design models can be used by engineers and services providers for visualization of the project before the completion phase. Engineers may make use of it for analyzing of the project during ongoing developmental phases. It is also certain that engineers make use of these models for sequencing within the digital platforms, for management and fabrication works.

Some of the best Mechanical services within BIM make use of various platforms including Revit, AutoCAD, CAD, Naviswork etc. Engineers can best try out efficient and consistent practice for implementation and planning.

Facility management

Making use of quality BIM Mechanical service software it is obvious that engineers can have access to some of the most important data within the design process.  It also offers complete details related to data collection from various sources. The data collected by the professionals can, in fact, be used for various management facilities. This will ensure that the building or the project is actually achieving better returns on investment even before competition phase.

Design optimization

This certainly is an added benefit when making use of Mechanical Services BIM techniques. It is possible to study multiple designs the moment you are making use of BIM services and Tools for mechanical. It offers the convenience of visualization, analyzes and quantity study. During the various design process, it is possible for engineers to track all possible options available. This will offer with complete benefit to the engineers and architect so they can collect more set of relevant data and information.

Materials management

Within the mechanical sector, you may have to make the big investment in the materials for any project. So the moment you are making use of mechanical BIM services it is obvious that you get to calculate the material cost well ahead before getting started with the actual project.


→ Why most firms need MEP services today

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing services are essential for your building project. With the available technology, it is obvious that you may get to make use of its several benefits. It offers engineers a chance to make use of designs that are very much sustainable for the project completion phase. It offers complete coordination during the operations and building systems.

HVAC benefits

It proves helpful in determining UFAD system that is related to cooling and heating of the building. It makes use of automated software and techniques within HVAC for consulting and energy conservation. The entire system is designed to offer with consistency and efficiency.

Lighting and electricity

Within the project, lighting accounts for over 20 percent electricity consumption. MEP services and engineers make use of sophisticated technology and equipment for reducing project cost by 60 percent. They make use of best techniques to help incorporate the natural sunlight to help save electricity. MEP engineers can help in saving cost spent on electricity bills.


Plumbing incorporates various features within the project phase for sewerage, waste management, water management, natural gas management etc. MEP engineers can make use of best technology to help make use of best strategies within the project with an aim to integrate designs and technologies to make it more cost-effective.

Conservation of energy

With effective MEP techniques, engineers can ensure to save a lot of energy implementing effective management solutions. This process helps in making the project more sustainable. The techniques encourage making use of renewable energy sources in operations and design phase itself.

Protection and fire alarms

At the time of project design, suppression and sprinkler systems require a lot of coordination. It is important that these systems have to meet the requirements of the building codes. It is also important to meet the requirements on the basis of area. MEP engineers can thus help in meeting the best plumbing, electrical and mechanical designs as per the environmental efficiency.


These are a type of centralized systems that work in coordination with each other. They are prepared as per other features including plumbing, electrical, fire alarms, lighting and fire safety. This feature is also responsible for automation of a building project. Best MEP engineers can help design a completely automated system that can enhance the performance of the building.

An MEP consultant can help in increasing value of your project during the ongoing stage.