Structural Analysis

We offer with design analysis services to engineers, contractors and steel detailers for developing safe structures for buildings using simulations, modeling, and drafting.

We offer our partnership to firms in construction fields for delivering 3D models, 2D robust designs for beams. Walls, columns, and foundation plans making use of Auto CAD. We also help in providing with quality 3D BIM models that are ideal for design analysis and at the same time validate designs even before contractors can get started with construction stage.

Apart from above-mentioned services we offer with virtual testing on models provided to ensure that the structure is stable for supporting load including seismic load, wind load, dead load and Live load before the installation and fabrication work. We offer with our extended services for determining and testing each element irrespective of its size including columns, joints, beams, aluminum sections and wood materials. Our specialist (element analysis) deliver the best analysis for structures, for all types of projects, including dams, bridges, buildings, commercial etc., with an aim to optimize designs.

Our services include:-

  • 3D CAD models and 2D structure designs for lateral systems and gravity.
  • BIM structure models that are informative for the process of design automation.
  • Structure analysis (Detailed) for study related to structural behavior.
  • Analysis of structure for design validation to eliminate errors in designs.